Energized Hypnosis - The Audios

Energized Hypnosis - The AudiosA Program for Self-Development & Power

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These audios include a discussion on hypnosis and hypnotic techniques followed by a powerful hypnosis session. (See the Bundle below for more information.)

Energized Hypnosis Bundle

A Program for Self-Development & Power

starring Christopher S. Hyatt, Ph.D., et al.

What is Energized Hypnosis? It is a breakthrough program for gaining personal power, peace of mind and enlightenment. The techniques of Energized Hypnosis were developed many years ago by Dr. Christopher Hyatt and Dr. Israel Regardie, but have remained "in the closet"...until now.

For most people hypnosis has been viewed as anything from stage magic to the workings of the devil. Recently, however, science has begun to take a deep interest in hypnosis as tools such as the MRI allow us to actually see the power and effect of hypnosis on the brain.

How does Energized Hypnosis work? First the entire body is energized*, opening it to the power of your suggestions. Once the body-mind is freed from its energy blocks, the full effect of hypnosis can be utilized to change not only habits but your entire approach to life! This method takes advantage of our deep organic nature, which Dr. Hyatt calls the Innate Power Response. Using the methods of Energized Hypnosis, you will learn to elicit this Response at Will to enhance relationships, control habits, improve business and, most importantly, harness the power and wisdom of the Universal Mind.

  • Volume 1: Basic Techniques
  • Volume 2: The Innate Power Response
  • Volume 3: Sex & Beyond
  • Volume 4: Transcendence

*See also: Undoing Yourself With Energized Meditation and Radical Undoing by Christopher S. Hyatt, Ph.D.

Bundle Includes:

Energized Hypnosis
Energized Hypnosis A "Non-Book" for Self Change
Energized Hypnosis - The Audios
Energized Hypnosis - The Audios A Program for Self-Development & Power
Energized Hypnosis - Volume 1
Energized Hypnosis - Volume 1 Basic Techniques - The DVDs
Energized Hypnosis - Volume 2
Energized Hypnosis - Volume 2 The Innate Power Response
Energized Hypnosis - Volume 3
Energized Hypnosis - Volume 3 Sex & Beyond
Energized Hypnosis - Volume 4
Energized Hypnosis - Volume 4 Transcendence
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About the Authors

Christopher S. Hyatt, Ph.D.

Christopher S. Hyatt, Ph.D. was trained in psycho-physiology and clinical psychology. As a research scientist he has published numerous peer-reviewed articles in professional journals and was a Research Fellow at the University of Toronto and the University of Southern California. He fled the world of academia and state sponsored psychology to become an explorer of the human mind... creating such devices as the Radical Undoing Series. He is now a world-famous author of a wide variety of books, CDs, and DVDs on post-modern psychology, sex, tantra, kundalini and mysticism... and an advocate of brain exploration.

Calvin Iwema

Calvin Iwema is a therapist, leadership development consultant and long time student of applied philosophy, hypnosis and NLP. As a friend and former student of Dr. Christopher Hyatt, he is the co-author of Energized Hypnosis and had contributed to the Black Book series and Rebels and Devils. On occasion he works with individuals on their personal and spiritual growth in a similar manner to his late teacher. He resides in the Chicago suburbs with his wife and enjoys music and mixology.