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If you wish to send us an order by mail or receive further information about our products, prices or product availability; or if you have comments, suggestions, compliments, rants or raves, please contact us through one of the addresses listed below. You may also join our email list online (fill out the Newsletter form at the bottom of the page). And, of course, you may order online as well.

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Phone 1-602-708-1409
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You can reach some of our authors through their own websites which can be found on our links page. You may also send email or regular (snail) mail to them addressed to the author at the Original Falcon Press email or postal address above. We will forward the material to them.

Foreign Language Translations & Rights

Our titles have been translated into many languages including Russian, German, Polish, Czech, Bulgarian, Japanese, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. If you are a book publisher and would like information about available rights, contact Original Falcon Press directly.