The Cthonos Rite

The Cthonos Rite

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A must-have for anyone interested in Chaos Magick. Pete's introductory lecture is itself worth the price of admission, but then he goes on to provide an uncommonly powerful Guided Meditation, The Cthonos Rite.

WARNING: sensitive individuals should not perform the Cthonos Rite; it can evoke some very strong experiences.

The first CD contains a lengthy discussion of Chaos Magick followed by an Introduction to the Cthonos Rite:

  1. The Philosophy & Practice of Magick
  2. Introduction to Cthonos Rite
  3. Using the Cthonos Rite CD
  4. Evocation
  5. Divination
  6. Enchantment
  7. Invocation
  8. The Pit
  9. Illumination
  10. Conclusion/Credits

The second CD contains the guided Cthonos Rite itself:

  1. Beginning the Cthonos Rite
  2. The 1st Chamber — Evocation
  3. The 2nd Chamber — Divination
  4. The 3rd Chamber — Enchantment
  5. The 4th Chamber — Invocation
  6. The 5th Chamber — The Pit
  7. The 6th Chamber — Illumination
  8. Conclusion

Music & sound effects by Sam Welbourne & Dan Sumpter

Listen to an Audio Excerpt

The 6th Chamber — Illumination

Chaos Magick Audio Bundle

Bundle Includes:

The Cthonos Rite
The Cthonos Rite
Liber Bootleg
Liber Bootleg
The Ouranos Rite
The Ouranos Rite Unleashing the Magical Personality
The Galafron Rite & Timedragons
The Galafron Rite & Timedragons An Astral Working of Illumination
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About the Author

Peter Carroll

Peter J. Carroll is one of founders of the Magical Pact of the Illuminates of Thanateros (IOT) which he led for a decade. He has spent twenty-five years in research and experiment and is the author of PsyberMagick, Liber Null & Psychonaut and Liber Kaos: The Psychonomicon.