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Be warned! This book contains descriptions of practices which might be considered as horrid or shocking to most in the Western world. The extensive case histories and rituals expose what is perhaps the most unspeakable (and, for its practitioners, unspoken) taboo of the Western psyche: the union of sex and religion. A must-have for those interested in Sex Magick, Chaos Magick, Thelema, and the Golden Dawn.

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It's So Holy, It's Dirty

What goes through people's minds while they are making love to each other is usually not talked about. Isn't it ironic that some of the most creative thoughts and energies are never consciously shared, yet these thoughts are believed by the Sex Magician to be transferred to the womb.

The Sex Magician believes that the veil between the physical and the spiritual plane is transparent, while the priests of the newer religions believe the veil to be opaque. For the priest the other side is forbidden territory.

How did the priests teach their parishioners to keep their mind pure during intercourse? They didn't. Instead they taught them a form of Sex Magick which is very dangerous. Their stated objective to keep evil out of the world was actually, from the Sex Magician's point of view, the reason why evil prevailed.

Or as the prophet said:

"...the spilling of the blood of the lamb being a ritual of the Dark Brothers [i.e., Priests], for they have sealed up the Pylon with blood, lest the Angel of Death should enter therein... The blood that they have sprinkled on their Pylon, that is a bar against the Angel of Death is the key by which he entereth in."

The artificially imposed taboos against Sex Magick have and will always bring about the results most unwanted by those who have instituted the taboos.

This is very similar to the issue of rape in modern society. Much of rape is the result of repression, yet more repression is always the answer to rape.

The Self-Creation Taboo

Little has been said about the notion of Self-Creation, sometimes symbolized by the Infinity sign and other times by jokes of adolescents trying to have sex with themselves.

Very few individuals pay much attention to the fantasy or dream which reflects the archaic need to be one's own father or mother.

Gods Having Sex With Men

In modern times it would be regarded as insane or blasphemous for Gods to make love with men. However, in more ancient times it was not uncommon for individuals to fantasize making love to Gods or Goddesses.

The mother of Alexander the Great insisted that he was not the son of Phillip, her husband, but was sired by Zeus Himself. Zeus also was the father of Hercules. Mars fathered Romulus and Remus; Vishnu appeared as an albino elephant to sire the Buddha. The mother of Arjuna, the great warrior of the Bhagavad Gita, gave birth to him and his four brothers as the result of mating with various Gods whom she could invoke with a secret mantra.

But to the Western mind, perhaps the most shocking example of religious/sexual taboo was practiced by the tribeswomen of Southern India who periodically ventured deep into the jungle to offer themselves as "wives" to the great apes. This variation of the King Kong theme was intended to achieve physical incarnations of Hanuman, the monkey god. Whether a biological possibility or not, children of these unions were allegedly raised in the Temple and worshipped as divine.

Patients Having Sex With Doctor — Gods

The case for patient and doctor sexual encounters representing aspects of Sex Magick rites can not be made conclusively. Obviously, there are few physicians or other doctors who have sex with patients and claim they are practicing Sex Magick. The fact that the patient is making love to a "God" or "Goddess" image can argue for some aspects of this illegal relationship having some qualities of the theory of Sex Magick. In fact certain ancient and some modern groups of Sex Magicians hold that if a "higher" person performs Sex Magick with a "lower" less evolved person the latter will be elevated. However, it is cautioned that the reverse might take place, unless the Magician can exert supreme control over the operation.

While I was in practice I heard of many cases of doctors having sexual relations with patients, all of which had the component of the patient "receiving power" by making love to the Mana person. There was, for many patients, a temporary relief from all symptoms. What the doctor receives is no doubt worship, some safety from ridicule and of course "easy" sex. For the moment he was in charge, although this position could reverse itself quite rapidly. Perhaps the ideas of Power and "God" images associated with sex is enough to lump these illegal asymmetrical relations into the category of Sex Magick. I for one do not think so. Sex Magick not only deals with the power between people, but with the power of the Universe. Many Sex Magicians speak of their art as always containing the "Other" — God. Also most competent and ethical Sex Magicians practice their art in the service of a principle or a specific goal.

Editorial Reviews

I think it is safe to predict that almost every organized group of idiots in the country will regard this book as extremely dangerous. Personally, however, I have read the whole book and feel totally unharmed. I even learned some "occult" secrets I didn't know before, so in that sense I was actually enriched by the book.

Robert Anton Wilson author of The New Inquisition

A window of rationality on centuries of confusion and misconception.

Baelder Magazine

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