Sex Magic, Tantra & Tarot

Sex Magic, Tantra & TarotThe Way of the Secret Lover

illustrated by David P. Wilson

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Pages:192 pages


With this book, the student of Western Tantra may attain the knowledge and inner truth that has been hidden from us since conception. Within this new, expanded edition you will find a wealth of practical and passionate Tantric techniques utilizing the Archetypal images of the Tarot. Nothing is held back. Every method is explicit and clearly described.

"Each of us has a Guardian Angel — a companion and lover who waits just behind the images that flood our minds during sleep or reverie. A protector and guide who disguises as the individual with whom we fall in love; an ideal lover who has adored us since the beginning of our individual existence and who will never abandon us until the instant we merge our being into Absolute Godhead."

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The Holy Guardian Angel and The Ultimate Divination

Tarot authorities have long maintained that Tarot divination is best applied to questions of a mundane nature. "Does he or she love me?" "Will I get that new job?" What will be my fortune for the coming year?"

It has been argued that the Mercurial nature of the Tarot makes it easy for the querent to be deluded by wishful thinking. After all, wasn't Mercury the God of thieves and liars? Didn't he trick the Gods by telling them the truth with lies and then turn around and lie to them by telling the truth? Can we really trust this system to give us serious answers to life's most important questions?

Our answer is yes. But in order to receive such significant answers we must contact a spiritual intelligence of a profoundly higher order than those usually associated with Tarot divination. This "being" is far more important to us than any Goetic, Planetary or Elemental spirit for it is closer to us than our family, friends or lovers. It is an intelligence who knows us better than we think we know ourselves. And the primary purpose of this book is to help you contact your Secret Lover because it is only by doing so that you will ever be able to discover the answer to the greatest question of all. "What is the true purpose of my life?"

Obviously to receive the answer to such a profound question demands a greater effort and a higher level of sensitivity than it takes to simply visit a fortune teller. You must be prepared mentally, physically and psychically to recognize the answer when you see it. In this labor you have only yourself to work with. Natural abilities that are presently "sleeping" within you must be awakened, developed and then fine tuned.

You have most likely come to the conclusion that no one else can do this work for you otherwise you would not be reading this book. So if you are ready, roll up your sleeves, "...for if ye take but one step in this Path, ye must arrive inevitably at the end thereof."

Seeing Behind The Scenes Of Existence

Let us start with your psychic development.

Exactly what are psychic powers? Simply put, psychic powers are the ability to look behind the obvious, to see an underlying reality. For example, looking at a computer or television screen provides you with no clue as to what is going on "behind the screen." Yet we all know that something is indeed going on. This "underlying reality" behind the obvious is as real as the picture and contains important and powerful information. It tells you about the secret workings of the device.

If you want to tap this inner information behind the screen you need to acquire technical knowledge or develop a program to make the data visible. You must acquire the tools to unlock your natural powers and allow you to know and understand your destiny and purpose in this life.

The obvious question arises as to whether everyone has the power to "look behind the screen." The answer is yes, but as no two people are exactly alike, each of us have different abilities and handicaps. These psychic handicaps act as filters that prevent us from seeing behind the screen. It is ironic to discover that we have erected and installed these filters ourselves. We have been taught from earliest childhood not to "see" and more importantly not to listen to our inner Lover.

There is, however, a silver lining to this act of psychic self-blinding. The fact that we have done it to ourselves means the filters are not "hard wired" in. If we can learn not to see or hear then we can also learn how to see and hear again. In fact, what most psychologists or psychiatrists call insanity may be, in some cases, simply a premature or uncontrolled lifting of the filters. Some individuals considered insane may be those who have simply had a vision or heard the voice of their Secret Lover and then told the wrong person about it.

Each culture, religion and society teaches us not to see or to pay attention to our psychic senses. In this way they can claim to see and hear for us.

The Greatest Gifts Are Always Taboo

The development of one's power has always been a taboo. This frightening fact is particularly true in Western cultures where a priestcraft has traditionally been regarded as the intermediary between man and his Gods. When you possess your own Psychic powers and knowledge of your Secret Lover, the need for intermediaries vanish. Thus, even today, there exists strong prohibitions against developing or using your own powers. This is particularly evident in the modern Evangelical Christian movement which maintains that all paranormal or psychic phenomena, other than those chronicled in the Bible, are of Satan and designed to lure the unfortunate seer to eternal torment. Vigilance for such infernal influences extends even to those individuals and groups which believe in personal freedom and the responsible use of personal power.

Blessed Trauma

As a way to remove the filters and help us develop our powers the Universe has conspired to slap us out of our slumber. These "...thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to..." are painful experiences that force us to wake up. Many of you who are reading this book right now are doing so because the gods have somehow shaken you awake from the sleep of the masses.

While these "shocks" are necessary and provide us with the impetus to explore ourselves further, without developmental tools and exercises we are likely to fall back to sleep again. The Tarot is one such tool consisting of powerful images which, when used properly, can wake you from the slumber of happenstance.

Know Thyself

Simply stated, the Tarot is a set of seventy-eight images symbolizing archetypal forces, personalities and situations. Every conceivable situation, interaction and combination are available for study and contemplation. As Tarot images are pictorial and most often vividly colored, they pleasantly and painlessly stimulate the human psyche.

Many consider the Tarot to be the visual spiritual equivalent of an encyclopedia of man's collected knowledge. Some go so far as to say that if a person were locked away with nothing but the Tarot to study, every secret in the Universe would eventually be revealed.

In our view, the study of the Tarot, combined with ritualized preparation for divination, can yield profound insights into the Nature of Self and help us to initiate direct conversation and knowledge of our Secret Lover.

Editorial Reviews

Frank, direct, and clear without mystification.

Baelder Journal

An intriguing perspective on magical development which unites traditional occult symbolism and techniques with a psychotherapeutic perspective.

Chaos International Magazine

A deeply personal sexual awakening of the heart that will unlock your innermost romantic spirit.

A Student of Western Mysticism

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Christopher S. Hyatt, Ph.D.

Christopher S. Hyatt, Ph.D. was trained in psycho-physiology and clinical psychology. As a research scientist he has published numerous peer-reviewed articles in professional journals and was a Research Fellow at the University of Toronto and the University of Southern California. He fled the world of academia and state sponsored psychology to become an explorer of the human mind... creating such devices as the Radical Undoing Series. He is now a world-famous author of a wide variety of books, CDs, and DVDs on post-modern psychology, sex, tantra, kundalini and mysticism... and an advocate of brain exploration.

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Lon Milo DuQuette is a noted Tantric authority who has written and taught extensively in the areas of Mysticism, Magick and Tarot.