Energized Hypnosis Volume 1

Basic Techniques

by Christopher S. Hyatt, Ph.D. & Calvin Iwema

This totally unique and virtually fool proof way to change your life for the better is in my humble opinion found right here in this excitingly cool kit that contains: The non-book of Energized Hypnosis, two helpful and informative CDs and if that's not enough 2 DVDs which I feel really helped to pull the whole concept of Energized Hypnosis together. I found this approach so refreshing that I am gonna give it the consideration it deserves and explain what I got out of the different components of this enlightened package.

Energized Hypnosis - This is called "A non-book for self change", and from going over the information presented and especially the way it was presented I would readily agree. The authors put so much into these 119 pages. I learned about what being programmed is and how we are set up with a script right from the time we are born. There are such wonderful examples throughout that helped me to really think, and the one thing that got me to really pay attention was the fact that we are living our lives by a set of scripts that on the conscious level we do not even have access too. The book and the CDs go hand in hand and they gave me what I feel was a sound starting place to get out of this "ized" kind of dilemma I found myself in.

Energized Hypnosis CDS - One of the CDs was a wonderful discussion in a Q & A format that I found very enlightening, it explained most of the material I had read about in the book, but was able to fine tune it so I was left with the sense that I really could do this stuff and I felt the hope that it would work for me too. The second CD had an actual meditation that got to the core of me and what i was trying to accomplish, by helping me target a behavior that I wanted to change and define what I would replace it with. When I got to the point of reading the book and listening to the CDs I couldn't wait to watch the 2 DVDs that came with this fabulous kit.

Energized Hypnosis Volume 1 DVDs - This part of the program is where it seemed to come together, by this time I felt I was starting to know the two authors and then when I was able to see them sitting right there relaxed and chatting, my fears totally melted away. Again I found much of the information was repeated on the first DVD and I was glad for that cause it let it sink in even more what the true premise and concept was. I also realized that the thing that made "getting it" hard for me wasn't their presentation, but the very programming they were teaching me how to bypass and even in some cases remove from my life. I got very excited about the second, DVD because they used Nick the publisher of New Falcon Publications and publisher of this series as their subject for the demonstrated Energized Hypnosis session. Dr. Hyatt helped Nick, (who I found to be quite the charmer) through the energizing exercises at first and then Calvin did the hypnosis meditation session after, followed by some more of the techniques taught in the book. I found Dr's Hyatt's presence quite strong and captivating and a perfect foil to Calvin's gentle calming one.

I learned so much and I feel this form of undoing can benefit anyone who is willing to put the time and energy into following some simple techniques that can help them get in touch with their true selves and the messages that are keeping them from just truly being. I am so awed by this program I can't wait to review Energizing Hypnosis Volume II that I will have for you next month.

Thanks Fellas, for giving me the key to the door that can let me out, I believe this system has and will help many.

Riki Frahmann, planetstarz.com

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