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from Undoing Yourself With Energized Meditation...

Death and Stupidity: The History of Monomania

There are two enemies which mankind may not recover from. Number one is Stupidity: I place this before the second, Death, since the amelioration of stupidity is necessary before death can be conquered.

The DNA GODDESSES have us scheduled for a bright future. However, their scheduling is based on the law of discomfort. This law states that man usually does not embark on dangerous and difficult ventures unless he is motivated. Thus the wo/man of the hour, the consort of DNAs, are those who know how to use discomfort to discover great truths. Discomfort is simply the emergence of a new Goddess. It is birth of a new center which in time will become a periphery.


Motivation is frequently pain, misery and fear. It is the Dukkha (suffering) from which we all try to escape. AIDS is an example. This epidemic that could destroy us all has motivated Man to spend money, time and effort on research. It may even create a sense of world unity. Some, like the fundamentalists, believe that AIDS is a curse or punishment: however, it may turn out to be something like a reward.

Their view is singular and based on the ideations of monotheism---the one law---a one brain function psycho-philosophy of cave dwellers.

Research on AIDS may help us see through the genetic window which may lead to immortality, the enemy of heaven/hell theorists.

Pot Luck

DNAs are designed to maintain status quo until the time is right for change. This relates to the notion of monotheism and Poly-Brain-Theism, the serving of the various Neuro-Gods. This happens by pot luck.

Pot luck occurs when apparently orderly systems proceed normally until they reach a critical point and become chaotic. A switch from brain focus 'A' to brain focus 'B'. In other words when we have taken a God to an extreme, chaos begins. At that point another Goddess emerges.

Chaos does not mean randomness in the normal sense of the word. What it means is that linear equations (monotheisms) are no longer operative and predictions based on them temporarily collapse. After a period of time of observing these "random" events, a new principle emerges. (Note: this idea is not similar to the 100th Monkey model which has now been discredited.)

Some scientists have used notions of "initial sensitivity" as a model to understand types of pot luck. In other words, a minor or even an unnoticed event in the beginning of an activity may show up near the end as a gigantic discrepancy. This applies to throwing dice as well as the quality of neonate which emerges from the womb.

The Mental Crotch of Poly-Consciousness

Stupidity is the refusal to leave the present track, or reinterpret data that does not conform to the present linear model---the present Goddess.

Immortality would destroy much of OUR beliefs and allow us to break from the present linear model of monotheism.

The GODS are sending signals that some of us are ready for the changes that immortality and reduced stupidity would bring. Conclusion: Score: Genetic engineers 15, Lawyers 1.

At present, immortality research is not a high priority for governments and groups who are possessed by notions of afterlife and have accepted death as a standard, and in some cases a DESIRED standard. Our understanding of Death is based on our monotheism, the serving of One Slave God now and forever more...

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