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from To Lie Is Human


"While we desperately yearn for the exotic and wondrous
our first act on meeting it is to turn it into ourselves."
--- Hyatt

"To have neither great desire nor great despair---
This---this is the goal of all "great" civilizations."
--- Hyatt

"When the world was made binary
man began to live in paradox.
With paradox came the priest,
the politician and the psychologist.
These three thieves of the soul
became the maker and solver of riddles,
making the poet and artist seem profound."
--- Hyatt

"Before this binary world---
the fearful was also sacred,
now the fearful is only fearful."

"You use names for things as though
they rigidly, persistently endured;
yet even the stream into which you
step a second time
is not the one you stepped into before."
--- Heraclitus

"Man is the only being
who can overcome himself.
His method is the Lie.
What makes one man
different from another
are the glorious possibilities
his lies contain."
--- Hyatt
We have reached a point where most of us would destroy the world to keep our "POINT" of view. Weak men must destroy, not for the joy of renewal, but for the catechisms of their tradition.

Humanistic and scientific definitions that saved man from blind faith and dependence have placed him in the hands of a "devil" more horrifying than the God he murdered. God is dead---but what has taken his place?

We are now seeing the children of transition. A new walking wounded, more vengeful, and hateful than lustful. A new race of Zombies---not the living dead, but the dead living. These creatures are the offspring of our dead God and his tradition. In this sense their presence is a hopeful sign. Something new is about to be born. But first we must live through an ugliness---a world of rotting corpses.

Unless our modern attitude is tempered by the irrational, man may become the servant of a new and even more horrible God---a binary scientific bureaucracy---whose primary purpose is the illusion of control and order. This new God can be likened to a piece of fruit that has a skin of proper shape but when squeezed, collapses---empty of juice.

The universal compulsion to gather and exchange "information" has led to a short-hand, a technical language, which has all but exterminated the object that it has attempted to describe. We now live more in image and form than in the complex realities we claim we "understand."

We have begun to mistake our fictions and labels for life and are taking these conveniences as truths, rather than living within our complexity and insecurity. If this process continues we will soon de-mystify ourselves---and create a de-humanization that will make the years of Hitler look like a rehearsal for a bad play. If God is not dead, man's refusal to live in his plenitude (insecurity) will drive Him to commit suicide.

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