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from The Enochian World of Aleister Crowley

Techniques Of Enochian Sex Magick

There is no evidence that the communicating Angels that delivered the Enochian system to Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelly ever instructed them concerning sexual applications of the art.

Biographers will be quick to point out the famous incident of April 1587 when, according to Kelly, the Angel Madimi suggested to Kelly that he and Dr. Dee share their wives in common. (Dee was absent during this communication). Enochian scholars argue that the text of this communication contains many flaws that do not characterize other less personal communications and that this may have been a case of magical wishful thinking on Kelly's part. Nevertheless it seems they did indeed swap wives and in spite of obvious attempts to erase the manuscript, the record confirms this. It seems the only "magical" result of this "operation" was the break up of Dee and Kelly as magical partners and the close of one of the most remarkable chapters in magical history.

To those knowledgeable in the theory and techniques of Tantra the keys of the Enochian system open a treasure-house of practical applications.

The exercises outlined below should be practiced only after you have a thorough mastery of the system in all its non-sexual applications. Any uncertainties on the part of the magician as to what he or she is doing will destroy needed concentration and create a "break" which will absorb the entire force of the operation. (In sexual workings that could be an overabundant amount of energy particularly if you perform the exercises in my Tantra book.)

Exploration Of The Thirty Aethyrs

As written earlier in the text, the Thirty Aethyrs are the "heavens" or Aires of the system. Starting with the 30th Aethyr and working to the 1st, the Magician explores only as far as his or her personal level of Initiation will permit. This process is comparable to "pathworkings" of the Qabalistic system. In Enochian terms, the "Great Work" of the magician is to master all 30 Aethyrs. (Starting with 30 and ending with 1) Experiences with the 30 Aethyrs are highly personal and entirely unique to each magician. Working with the Aethyrs can be a lifetime endeavor and it is entirely presumptuous and inappropriate for another individual to "guide" another in this area.

This personal aspect of the Aethyrs coupled with the simplicity of its "one-Call-does-it-all" procedure makes it ideal for preliminary workings.

The great stumbling block to exploring the Aethyrs is the difficulty one encounters in "breaking through" to the next Aethyr. In the higher levels this may be because the magician has reached his or her initiatory limit. But in the lower Aethyrs it is more often the case that the magician simply can't "let go" and refocus his or her attention to the section of the brain where the vision is taking place. In Secrets of Western Tantra I provide an entire array of exercises which will help the Magician "let go."

The following exercise is intended exclusively for workings of the Thirty Aethyrs. There are two participants whom we will refer to as the Magician and the Assistant. For our illustration the male participant is the Magician and will recite the Call and "receive" the vision, the female participant is the Assistant and will eventually record the vision. These gender roles are for illustration only. The Magician can just as easily be female and the Assistant male. This particular operation is equally effective for participants of the same sex and can also be adapted for solitary workings. It makes absolutely no difference who is Magician and who is Assistant. It is only important that the couple decide before the operation commences.

Note: There must be no ambiguity about the willingness of either participant to take part in an operation of this kind. If one participant has to be coerced, begged or tricked into participation the vortex of ill-will that will emanate from the offended party will insure not only the failure of the operation but also the destruction of a more precious "magical asset," the respect of another human being.


The Magician wishes to explore the 30th Aethyr, TEX, and the Assistant has expressed to him that it is her Will to participate in the operation.

Both participants bathe and dress at first in simple, soft, white garments. You may light incense, burn candles or use lights or soft music to enhance the mood. Small amounts of alcohol are also useful.

Prepare the room in which you are working with the appropriate symbols for the Aethyr such as the sigils of the Governors or the Elemental Tablet from which they are taken. In the case of TEX it would be the Water Tablet...

Begin by performing the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram in the area in which you will be working.

The Magician then recites the Call of the 30th Aethyr, TEX, (Madariatza das perifa TEX..., etc.) while the Assistant simply relaxes and meditates upon the sounds of the Enochian Call.

When the Call is completed let the Magician slowly vibrate the names of the Governors. (In the case of TEX there are four Governors. All other Aethyrs have three.)

Then, (believe it or not), forget about the operation. Relax, take your time and enjoy each other's company. Build slowly and naturally to greater levels of arousal. Continue to do everything you can to sustain your love making (At least 25 minutes, but for God's sake don't keep looking at your watch!). The idea is to become joyfully and totally exhausted. Then at the moment of orgasm (and not a split second before) let the Magician remember the purpose of the operation (the Skrying of the Aether) and repeat the first line of the Call: Madariatza das perifa TEX cahisa micaolazoda saanire caosago od fifsa balzodizodarasa Iaida. This may be done verbally or mentally but it must be well memorized so that it can come forth effortlessly...

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