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from Blood Sorcery Bible Volume 1


It is important to make this point--Sorcerers, stop fooling yourselves:


When you choose to use Sorcery to change the outcome of a situation, even when you are forcing that which you perceive to be good to replace that which you perceive to be bad (if such a delineation exists) you are enacting a manipulation, performing a change in ordinary paths--you are enacting Dark Sorcery.

I offer the following information only as an opportunity for the reader to access your own views on Sorcery and manipulation. I will soon begin sorcery on a woman who drowned her two young boys so she could reunite with her lover. I have my own personal reasons for my desire to enact sorcery upon her. When I do so she will drown like they did, experience what they experienced, and she will do so in dry air while others watch. Now reader--to address the point of good and bad and dark and light--do you perceive my desire to perform this sorcery as a good thing? A bad thing? Is she a being of dark--a human--or does she also have some light? I offer this issue--this scenario--so that you may have an opportunity to think, feel and observe your feelings on this matter of good and bad, dark and light. The discussion of good and bad is subjective and, like all subjective matter, is defined by opinion. By the very nature of the thing, it renders the outcome irrelevant to any data that will be recorded apart from the data of what you personally perceive as appropriate or important.

You must remember one vital fact: All Sorcery, most especially Blood Sorcery as you are sealing it with you own Sacred Elixir, is defined in the following way:

Your work is an examination of the way something is "meant" to go in its natural flow--staring that flow in the face and forcing upon it a brutally well-constructed group of purposeful lies. These lies--'re-truths' based upon your own determinations combined with the use of manipulative deception in the form of Blood Sorcery and directly applied to the situation with the express purpose of changing its outcome--is dark magic, Sorcery of manipulation.

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