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Robert Anton Wilson at Winterstar 2001

Robert Anton Wilson at Winterstar 2001

Interviewed by Gil Bavel

Robert Anton Wilson
Interviewed by Gil Bavel

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Product Information: 1 DVD (36 min.)

ISBN-10: 1-935150-15-4
ISBN-13: 978-1-935150-15-2

About the DVD

In this freewheeling interview, Gil Bavel asks Robert Anton Wilson about a dizzying array of subjects including: Bob's contact with Timothy Leary after Tim's death; Operation Mind-Fuck; Kerry Thornley and the JFK murder; Paul Tillich and Existential Theology; Greg Hill and Discordianism; the affect of post-polio syndrome on Bob's career; Oceanic Consciousness and Mind-Altering Drugs; Cybernetics, Neural Networks and Dogma; and so much more...

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About the Authors

Robert Anton Wilson is the coauthor (with the late Robert Shea), of the underground classic The Illuminatus! Trilogy which won the 1986 Prometheus Hall of Fame Award. His other writings include Schrodinger's Cat Trilogy, called "the most scientific of all science fiction novels" by New Scientist, and many nonfiction works of Futurist psychology and guerilla ontology. Wilson, who sees himself as a Futurist, author, and stand-up comic, regularly gives seminars at Esalan and other New Age centers. Wilson has made both a comedy record (Secrets of Power), and a punk rock record (The Chocolate Biscuit Conspiracy), and his play, Wilhelm Reich in Hell, has been performed throughout the world. His novel Illuminatus! was adapted as a 10-hour science fiction rock epic and performed under the patronage of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at Great Britain's National Theatre, where Wilson appeared in a special cameo role. He is also a former editor at Playboy magazine.