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Robert Anton Wilson Remembered

Robert Anton Wilson Remembered

by Joseph Matheny, Douglas Rushkoff, Antero Alli, Tiffany Lee Brown, David Jay Brown and Zac Odin

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Product Information: 2 Compact Disks; Length: 77 min.

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ISBN-10: 1-935150-83-9
ISBN-13: 978-1-935150-83-1

About the CDs

Fond remembrances of the life and work of Robert Anton Wilson from people who knew Bob and whose lives have been profoundly influenced by him. Featuring Douglas Rushkoff, Antero Alli, Tiffany Lee Brown, David Jay Brown, Zac Odin, and Joseph Matheny.

"The works of Robert Anton Wilson have always been delivered to me as I am sure they have been delivered to others; I have come across them at opportune times, synchronistic moments. In an old bookstore on the top of a box I had gone through only days before, there lay Cosmic Trigger exactly when I needed Cosmic Trigger. And then I was awash in a sea of 23's culminating in the number '23' being spray painted on the highway behind my home. Now, as I write this, there have been 23's all over the place for two weeks straight and Ishtar Rising appeared buried deep in the wrong section of that same bookstore. But this is normal. I am sure the same has happened to you." -- from Zac Odinn's Robert Anton Wilson: Bearer of Gnosis, Agent of Negentropy

Produced by Joseph Matheny, Engineered by Chris Arkenberg, Presented by Huikilau

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About the Author

Joseph Matheny is a writer, flimmaker and technologist that has played a role in establishing and evangelizing standards and practices such as CD ROM, PDF, DVD, XML, RSS, Podcasting, ARG and digital video. He holds patents for prediction, recommendation and behavioral analysis algorithms and software design. He is a published author of screenplays, white papers, technology, sci-fi, marketing and gaming books. He currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.