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The Chaos Magick CDs Volume 4

The Chaos Magick Audio CDs Volume 4

The Chaochamber System

A Quantum Sorcery Pathworking for Manipulative Magicks

by PD Brown (courtesy of Peter J. Carroll)

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Product Information: 1 Compact Disk and Instructional Booklet

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ISBN-10: 1-935150-49-9
ISBN-13: 978-1-935150-49-7

About the CD

The Chaochamber SystemThe Chaochamber System is a radical new departure in manipulative magicks. Utilizing new age technology, the Chaochamber's "computer" does most of the work for you, leaving you free to take full advantage of the power the Chaochamber places at your disposal.

The Chaochamber sidesteps complicated ceremonial methods, refuses the follies of tedious systems of rays, planes, spheres and sephiroth, and deals directly with the ultimate ground plan of existence itself: Chaos. Arbitrary conditions of time and place become irrelevant when dealing with this limitless, ever-present power.

The booklet includes drawings of the Chaochamber, instructions for its use, and suggestions for constructing Artificially Created Beings, Thought-Forms, and Sigils.

The CD gives you access to the Chaochamber and allows you to tap into its enormous power.

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  2. Liber Bootleg: Live Rituals by Chaos Magicians
  3. The Ouranos Rite: Unleashing the Magical Personality
  4. The Chaochamber: A Pathworking for Manipulative Magicks
  5. The Galafron Rite: An Astral Working of Illumination & Timedragons

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'If you are feeling stuck in some kind of magickal rut, this is the Rite to follow, but be prepared for the unexpected!'
-- Jaye Beldo, Lone Nutter News