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The Chaos Magick CDs Volume 2

The Chaos Magick Audio CDs Volume 2

Liber Bootleg

by Ian Read, Ingrid Fischer & Charly Brewster
edited by Peter J. Carroll

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Product Information: 2 Compact Disks

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ISBN-10: 1-935150-47-2
ISBN-13: 978-1-935150-47-3

About the CDs

What are Chaos Magic rituals all about? Here's your chance to find out. This remarkable two CD set includes recordings of live rituals and workings performed by Peter Carroll and other prominent Chaos Magicians. It's worth getting the CDs just for the three different Banishing Rituals and the Enochian Call of the 10th Aethyr by Dr. John Dee, but then there's much, much more...

The first CD includes:
  1. Health Warning
  2. Golden Dawn Banishing
  3. Dispersion by Pentagram
  4. Mass of Chaos 'C'
  5. 'Theogony' of Hesiod
  6. The Asgarth Pathworking
  7. The Pillar of Chaos Meditation
  8. The Mummy & the Mirror
  9. Green & Black
  10. Gnostic Banishing

The second CD includes:
  1. Sanity Warning
  2. Mass of Chaos 'B'
  3. The Enochian Call of the 10th Aethyr
  4. Disursus Cum Daemone
  5. The Evocation of Tiamat
  6. Target Practice
  7. Chao/Runic Banishing

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  1. The Cthonos Rite: A Guided Meditation
  2. Liber Bootleg: Live Rituals by Chaos Magicians
  3. The Ouranos Rite: Unleashing the Magical Personality
  4. The Chaochamber: A Pathworking for Manipulative Magicks
  5. The Galafron Rite: An Astral Working of Illumination & Timedragons

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About the Editor

Peter J. Carroll is one of founders of the Magical Pact of the Illuminates of Thanateros (IOT) which he led for a decade. He has spent twenty-five years in research and experiment and is the author of PsyberMagick, Liber Null & Psychonaut and Liber Kaos: The Psychonomicon.