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Kabbalistic Cycles & The Mastery of Life

Kabbalistic Cycles & The Mastery of Life

written by Joseph C. Lisiewski, Ph.D.
foreword by Christopher S. Hyatt, Ph.D.

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Product Information: 256pgs

ISBN-10: 1-935150-87-1
ISBN-13: 978-1-935150-87-9

About the Book

This groundbreaking book reveals a new system of occult cycles that gives you complete Control over your own life. The Kabbalistic Cycles System explains heretofore hidden universal laws known to but a few. The knowledge of these strange cycles---and the detailed, step-by-step explanation of their derivation and use---will place you light years beyond those who would maintain a stranglehold over you.

You will know when to act in all matters---instantly. You will be able to discover the hidden agendas of others, and see every opportunity and adversity for what it really is. More than anything else, you will attain what has been the goal of mankind throughout its long and arduous history: Mastery Over Your Own Life!

View our Kabbalistic Calculator which calculates the hours of the day and night according to this book.

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Editorial Reviews

'A powerful synthesis of ideas that can be used anywhere, anytime by both the beginning and advanced student of magic.'
-- Mark Stavish, The Institute for Hermetic Studies

About the Author

Joseph C. Lisiewski, Ph.D. is a noted physicist involved in the study of the Relativistic SpaceTime Continuum, and the new physics that is exploring possibility of physical time travel. A personal friend and student of both Israel Regardie and the famous Alchemist, Frater Albertus for many years, his numerous published papers on both of their teachings, and on his own forty years of practice in both Magic and Alchemy, has helped many along their own Paths.