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The Dance of Created Lights

The Dance of Created Lights

A Sufi Tale

by Jay Bremyer

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ISBN-10: 1-935150-68-5
ISBN-13: 978-1-935150-68-8

About the Book

The Dance of Created Lights is a tale of romance, adventure, political intrigue and spiritual awakening. It celebrates tolerance while respecting the strengths, beauties, and revelations of all religions, climaxing in an ecstatic ritual dance which speaks directly to heart, mind, and soul. Sufism, Kabbalah, Tantra, and much, much more.

In the year 969, toward the end of the first Christian Millennium, Caliph Hakam II sponsored 30 free universities in al-Andalus, Spain. Nearly half a million people lived in Cordoba. The Great Mosque was larger than St. Peter's in Rome. Jews, Christians, and Moslems worshipped together and lived together in creative splendor. "Peoples of the Book" --- they considered their religions to be complementary. One thousand years ago we had a glimpse of what the New Jerusalem might be like.

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Editorial Reviews

'Falcon doesn't publish much fiction, and for good reason: much of it is crap. But The Dance of Created Lights is a delightful exception. It is beautifully written, enjoyable to read, inspirational AND instructive. One of my personal favorites.'
-- Nick Tharcher

'A tale of high sexual magic. A sex magick manual under the guise of a Sufi Tale.'
-- John Eberly, artist, musician and author of The Flame of Love

'Delicious eroticism and exotic, lush poetry. Describes in highly evocative prose the nature of the mysteries behind every major Western religion. For those with any knowledge or taste for the Western mysteries, be they alchemical, Celtic, Egyptian, Kabbalah, Gnostic, Sufi, or many others, this book is a feast, an unending cornucopia of wisdom, laid out for any with right eyes to see.'
-- Jan Adams, M.D., The Edge Magazine

About the Author

Jay Bremyer is a novelist, essayist and poet. He is the author of The Dance of Created Lights: A Sufi Tale, The Chymical Cook: A True Account of Mystical Initiation and Walled-In, Soul in Nature, a synthesis of Thoreaus's Walden and the Bhagavad Gita. He lives on the Kansas prairie with his wife. Together with a planetary network of friends, they celebrate diversity and the emergence of the ability to think with one's heart.