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3 videos from "The Trip From Hell"

Copyright © 1990 S. Jason Black

The three video clips that follow were taken from a recently discovered video tape labeled "The Trip From Hell". It was filmed circa 1989-1990 on Dr. Hyatt's sailboat "Powderhorn Puff", a wonderful, seaworthy Cal 39,* after the boat returned from a daysail to its slip at San Pedro Marina, in San Pedro, California. On board were Christopher Hyatt, S. Jason Black, Lon Milo DuQuette, Gary Ford and Rick Wardell. ("Artifacts" in the video can be ascribed less to the age of the video tape than to the considerable amount of alcohol consumed during the day...)

These songs were written and performed by S. Jason Black (aka David P. Wilson). (If you like them, check out his Mass of the Antichrist)

* This is the same sailboat on which Dr. Hyatt (Captain), Nick Tharcher (First Mate) and S. Jason Black (Cabin Boy) sailed from Los Angeles, California to Honolulu, Hawaii in 1993, a remarkable voyage that we will write about one day...

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